If that headline seems a bit bland and generic to you that’s because it is! Deliberately. There are so many different faiths/non faiths/systems of belief out there that I wanted to try and include everyone and offend no one particularly at this most wonderful time of the year.
In contemplation of writing this, I thought I`d try and compile an A-Z of faiths/beliefs to reflect upon and consider, so here it is;

Atheism, Buddhism, Christianity, Ewokism (added by me for merriment, because I believe they are awesome), Islam, Judaism, Paganism, Zionism………….
I did say I thought I`d try and compile an A to Z. As you can see I wasn’t entirely successful. There are bound to be countless others that I could have unearthed had I the time, wisdom or knowledge, however at this time of year as I`m sure you`d all agree, time is something which comes at a premium (wisdom and knowledge are, alas, perennial)

Each and every faith/belief has reason to celebrate at some point in the year be it Lunar or otherwise.
Regardless of faith or belief it would seem that celebration involves indulgence, which is not necessarily a good thing, unless you look deeper into what that means (disclaimer – I am a solicitor (!) not a philosophist – all opinions are my own and not those of JNP). I for one always feel a pang of guilt amongst the indulgent celebration of Christmas because with it comes excess, waste, thoughtlessness and unhappiness for many.
On the plus side a common thread amongst all values seems to be a genuine love, compassion, humility, kindness, togetherness, grace and tradition… even if those things do get lost in the mire.
What a dilemma!?!

Bearing in mind those features, my own view is that we should all pledge to give something money can’t buy during this seasonal period; time, patience, kindness and understanding. Give back to your communities, to your family, friends and anyone else who may need a helping hand at what should be “the most wonderful time of the year“. It need not be difficult; recycle rubbish, donate unwanted `stuff` to charities, clear the snow from the pavement outside your home, bite your tongue when your mother/father/sister/brother/significant other says or does things that don’t fit with your own ideals.
Simple really!

So….that’s my take on the `seasonal` season! Take from it what you choose!
I will take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy end to 2017.
JNP will be here in 2018 in our freshly made over office building.
We`re moving to the bright side and we hope to see you there.

JNP Legal offer a variety of legal services. Our Merthyr, Nelson & Llanishen office is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and our Merthyr Tydfil Office is open  9am – 12pm every Saturday morning.

If you are unable to attend our offices we would be more than happy to arrange a home appointment, where convenient.

We value our clients and pride ourselves on our ability to offer a first class service.

If you require our assistance with any legal matters please call us on 01685 350421 (Merthyr Tydfil Office)  01443 450561 (Nelson Office) or 02920 763211 (Cardiff Office) or contact us via email on


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