The Purpose of Rehabilitation in Personal Injury Claims

Those who have suffered injuries as a result of an accident will know that usually all that they want is to get back to living their lives as fully as possible.

A key aspect which is considered as part of claims for damages following such accidents is rehabilitation, in addition to financial compensation. Rehabilitation is defined in medical dictionaries as the “treatment or treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness, or disease to as normal a condition as possible”. Those who have been injured will often require various forms of treatment in order to assist in recovering from their injuries and enable them to have a better quality of life. This will ensure that the injured person can return to work, hobbies, sports and social activities where possible and can help in gaining independence.

As you may be aware, JNP Legal are accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). APIL advocates the importance of considering rehabilitation in all personal injury claims and have issued guidance on their website in relation to this. A collaborative approach with those acting on behalf of Defendant insurers is encouraged, in order to ensure the best results for the injured person. Rehabilitation should be borne in mind for all cases; no matter whether the injury is of a more minor or serious nature.

An approved framework for personal injury claims, The Rehabilitation Code, has also been published by the Rehabilitation Working Party and is designed to enable representatives for Claimants and Defendants to work together to ensure that appropriate treatments and therapies are accessed by the injured person. It is expected by the Courts that the Code is followed by those dealing with personal injury claims in order to ensure that the needs of the injured person are addressed.

Rehabilitation can include access to various treatments and therapies for both physical and psychological injuries. Consideration can also be made for adaptations to an injured person’s home / transport along with equipment and aids which can help the person to live as independently as possible. The focus will be on allowing those who have been injured to get back to living their lives as fully as they can. Consideration will be made of the support available to assist the injured person in returning to work. In certain cases, a Case Manager may need to be appointed who will assess the injured person’s needs and co-ordinate the agreed rehabilitation plan.

JNP Legal are committed to considering rehabilitation in all personal injury claims and seeking funding from Defendant insurers to enable access to appropriate services.

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